Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Garden in Lindved

Imaginary Flowers Embroidered on Linen

 I decided to send some “flowers” home for my dad’s birthday. Flowers, that he can enjoy looking at, when the garden is all frozen during winter - in a frame on the wall.
Embroidery Threads Used
 I used natural unbleached linen, my favourite background material for embroidering. The colours are pastels with a bit of pang mixed in.
Flower in Dusty Colours
The dandelion-type flower turned out really well. I mixed one string of metallic bronze coloured thread with a dusty pink for the "petals"... and I just love the texture of the French Knots in the centre. I will definitely use this design again.

My dad is a garden wizard. He can make anything grow. I send him seeds from Australia and he  manages to grow them into flowers and trees in the much cooler climate of Denmark.  My mum helps him make it happen and they both enjoy the short summers in their blooming fruit and veg producing garden. There are no rules in this garden all plants are welcome and are mixed in between each other, that is what is so great about it, layers and layers of colours and textures. Have a look at the pictures below. I took these when I was home in August last year. It was a beautiful, mysterious early misty morning. The colours of the Dahlias were glowing in the mist. It was a very special experience. 
The View from My Parents Garden
I love this misty view from the back of my parents garden. What a lucky capture with the camera of my IPhone.

Lots of Dahlias

All Varieties of Dahlias
The colours!
Variety of Dahlia
This Dahlia flower is as big as a dinner plate
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